Smash Mouth Dropped A 20th Bday ‘All Star’ Remix, So I Guess Yr Weekend Tunes Are Sorted

The years start comin’ and they don’t stop comin’. And now Smash Mouth‘s hit track ‘All Star’ is two decades old.

Everyone’s favourite track, ‘All Star’ turned the big 2-0 recently. To celebrate its birthday, Smash Mouth have released an EDM remix with Breathe Carolina. You absolutely need to add this to your playlist right now.

The hit track has had countless remixes, but this is the first offical remix to hit the airwaves.

“Over the years, it seems like hundreds of remixes of ‘All Star’ have emerged, and we as a band are flattered and grateful for the love and attention,” the band said. “We have not commissioned an ‘official’ remix to celebrate the 20th anniversary of our hit ‘All Star’… Until now. We are very excited to have such a great artist like Breathe Carolina create this very fresh and inspiring official remix for us. We are big fans of this duo and absolutely love their take on our biggest hit. Please take a listen as we know you will love it, too…”

Breathe Carolina are an EDM duo, and honestly, if they’re good enough for Smash Mouth, they’re good enough for me. Their tropical-house remix of the beloved Shrek soundtrack song absolutely slaps. This should be number one on your pre-drinking playlist tonight.

Honestly, I’m not quite sure if All Star is actually a good song (technically speaking) or if my love of Shrek forever clouds my judgement, but this song is just one of those tracks that you can never skip.

All Star first dropped in 1999, but then it was reborn in 2001 when it famously featured in Shrek. Since then, it has been in countless other films and TV shows, and has become an internet sensation with hundreds of unofficial remixes and memes about the beloved song.

In celebration of the song’s birthday, and Steve Harwell’s incredible facial hair, I have compiled a few of my favourite unofficial remixes for your listening pleasure.