Smash Mouth Would Also Like To Do An ‘Old Town Road’ Remix With Lil Nas X

Smash Mouth

The all stars of Smash Mouth have thrown their cowboy hats in the ring for an ‘Old Town Road’ remix with Lil Nas X because said remix will never die, never ever. Yesterday, it was Mariah Carey. Today, it’s Smash Mouth.

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On Friday, Lil Nas X unleashed a fresh new ‘Old Town Road’ remix featuring Young Thug, yodelling Walmart child Mason Ramsey, and of course Billy Ray Cyrus. The tune, in which Ramsey sings: “If you ain’t got no giddie up then giddie out my way”, is available on all your usual streaming suspects including Spotify. Its talking-emoji-head music video currently sits at the No. 2 spot on YouTube’s top trending chart.

Meanwhile, the ‘Old Town Road’ remixes have gone full meme on the internet, with fans and celebrities wondering just how far Lil Nas X will take his love for the tune. How many remixes will he make? How many can the world take? Stay tuned.

Re: Mariah Carey and a ‘One Sweet Town Road’ remix ‘cos why the hell not?


Naturally, Lil Nas X lost his shit when he saw Carey’s reply and retweeted it, adding a very hyped “LET’S GOOOO.” I am 99 per cent sure this is all just fun and games but it’s also 2019 and wilder things have happened. Side note: Carey is absolutely winning the internet at the moment. If you haven’t seen her unbeatable Bottle Cap Challenge, please watch it right now.

Anywho, Smash Mouth would like to be part of the next remix too, tweeting: “let’s do it” at the artist.

Lil Nas X retweeted it and this, this I can 100 per cent see happening.

The rapper, real name Montero Lamar Hill, has occupied the No. 1 spot on Billboard’s Hot 100 singles chart for 14 weeks now. To put that in perspective, only two other songs have held the throne longer than Lil Nas X. As it turns out, one belongs to Carey and Boyz II Men for their 1995 song ‘One Sweet Day’. The other is Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee‘s ‘Despacito’, featuring Justin Bieber in 2017. Both songs sat on the throne for 16 whole weeks, according to Billboard.

‘Old Town Road’ will probably smash the record, or at least equal it. And then Lil Nas X will unleash a new remix to celebrate.