Skrillex And J. Biebs Jump Online To Deny They Nicked Vocal Line Of ‘Sorry’

Ah, the delightful to-and-fro of big name plagiarism allegations. Though it isn’t as fun as the Coldplay / Joe Satriani theft allegations from a couple of years back – or quite as compelling, tbh – there have been accusations kicking around that Justin Bieber and Skrillex stole the vocal riff for ‘Sorry’ from singer/songwriter Casey Dienel.

Well, both Skrillex and the Biebs have volleyed back, arguing it’s bullshit – and providing an insight into their working files to prove it. First Skrillex:

C-c-cool, I guess. And Bieber doubled down, with the extremely compelling hashtag #wedontsteal, which you can only use if you don’t steal.
There ya go. No stealing. You can be mad at Bieber for peeing in a bucket that one time… but not for this.
Source: UPROXX.
Photo: Getty Images.