IMPORTANT: Zoolander Debuts Blue Steel 2.0 On Justin Bieber’s Instagram

Current and future marketing executives take note: the publicity campaign for Zoolander 2 -which thus far has involved Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson closing Valentino’s Fall / Winter 2015 show in Paris in character, an also in-character @Zoolander Instagram account featuring a grams of shit like Orange / Mocha Pumpkin Spice Frappuccinos, and a teaser trailer featuring Steven Hawking teaching Derek about puns – is a masterclass How To Crush Marketing In 2015. Take note.

The latest one to roll out features noted ambi-turner and eponymous Derek Zoolander, debuting his latest look courtesy of Justin Bieber‘s Instagram, to Justin Bieber’s 43.5m followers.

Y’all already know his classic Blue Steel:

The ‘softer’ El Tigre

And ~ THE ~ hottest look of 2002, the much-awaited Magnum

But are y’all ready for #PURPOSE?

#PURPOSE the new look by @zoolander @skrillex #2days #PURPOSE

A video posted by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on

#PURPOSE – produced by Skrillex



On a separate-but-not-totally-unrelated note, Justin Bieber’s announced his 2016 ‘Purpose‘ World Tour, which is likely to be his first ever tour not ~ entirely ~ populated by hyperventilating 12yo Beliebers. Hopefully, it’ll also include people who have their fucking clapping skills together.

Stay tuned for the Aussie dates.

MEANWHILE…. get amongst it: