Justin Bieber Taps Aussie Street Artist To Unleash Album Tracklist On World

Didn’t ya know, 2015 is the year of redemption for Justin Bieber after he pulled up his pants and got his shit together long enough to release a string of ~bangers~.
Most recently was ‘Sorry’, with a video that serves Kiwi dance crew realness, ahead of the release of Biebs’ new album ‘Purpose’ on November 13.
He’s just given us a taste of what’s to come by unveiling the full tracklist via Instagram, with each song repped by street art created in different cities around the world, from Stockholm to San Fran.
Because Australia‘s beaut and the Biebers froths over Sydney‘s chicks skate parks, his people commissioned local artist Brooklyn Whelan as one of only 18 artists to create a piece for Purpose, which so far we know will feat. collabs with Ed Sheeran, Skrillex and Ariana Grande.
Here’s Whelan’s work for the track ‘Mark My Words’:

Track 1 #purposealbum

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He was understandably pretty chuffed to be asked by “friends of friends” at Biebs’ label Universal to be involved, only now he’s being hit up by thirsty Aussie fan boys/gals desperate to know the location of the Bieber Wall.

Here it is: the laneway behind the Universal Records office on William St, in Sydney CBD.
Or check out the rest of the music-art here
It’s a sweet gig to add to his CV, but Wheelan is more an R’n’B man himself, although he admits “There’s something really hypnotic about that one new Bieber song, ‘What Do U Mean’.”

Not wrong, m8, not wrong.
Lead image via NBC.