Actual angel on earth and Australia‘s greatest musical export, Sia, has just wrapped up blessing the country with her first tour in quite some time – but her show in Sydney on Saturday night almost didn’t go ahead at all.

Thanks to the seriously inclement weather in Melbourne, the award-winning songwriter had to book it to Sydney by car, a casual 13-hour trip.

As if that wasn’t enough, they reportedly blew a tyre just moments from the venue, which, caused a, um, unenviable situation:


Thank god for Twitter, tbh, because despite her emergencies, the singer / wig enthusiast was able to keep her fans posted as she made a mad dash for the venue.

Are you imagining Sia struggling into a giant headpiece in the back of a taxi? Because I am.

Fans were not in the least put out by her very slight toilet-related tardiness, with most of them cheering the singer on for being so candid.

Can’t blame someone for being late after an unexpected case of the dire rear. By all accounts, it was a ripper of a night regardless, and we love Sia just that little bit more now.


Image: Getty Images / Don Arnold