Sia Flies Solo In “I’m In Here”

If this was released two months ago it would have easily won the _______ Australian music award for best new music video, which would have been fine by me because Godard homages are kinda boring and should not win the best new anything. Oh well. Hypothetical accolades aside, this clip is just gorgeous, nuanced and heartbreaking in a way we can all relate to. Kinda like Up In The Air what with the cinematic treatment of air travel and sprawling bird’s eye views and Sia totally recalls George Clooney’s character too – wrestling with loneliness, regret and pangs of existential crisis on a plane – except Sia is LITERALLY FLYING SOLO in this self-fogging ghost plane while mouthing the words to “I’m In Here”, the most sullen track on her latest album “We Are Born”. I’m in here you guys! In the fucking fuselage! By myself. Fuck. My screen isn’t working. Ugh. My throat feels scratchy too, it’s this fucking air! Can I get a diet coke, like, now. Or some nuts? Who the fuck is flying this thing? Etc.

Which is not to take away from how goddamn pretty this song/clip is but flying in a ghost plane would be slightly unnerving and of course you’d be sad. OK I’m watching it again now and I’m 80% positive this is the best Australian film clip I’ve seen this year. Now I’m 100% positive. Well done Sia and whoever Directed this, it’s devastatingly moving and beautifully realized. I hope a person you love very much is waiting when you land.

Title Image by Mark Metcalfe via Getty