Sia Claps Hands With Kris Moyes

The last time Sia teamed up with Kris Moyes she played about a million different characters including a Juggalo bride, a pregnant lady and a few other rejected League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen oddballs meaning they were kinda funny but mostly I-just-pooed-my-pants scary. The time before that Moyes mutilated her face with pegs, tape and mesh not unlike a real life version of Photoshop but with more sadism. In the duo’s third collaboration Sia, who almost has Bjork’s near perfect music video strike rate, transforms into a Muppet and has no reservations about looking like an idiot in the process. God love her.

As always the bright colours and sheer inventiveness of the video are the perfect visual distraction from the laser guided earworms she launches from Hook City. Twenty minutes from now you’ll be whispering “clap you hands” while possibly clapping your hands – and have no idea why. Check out Moyes’ other Sia videos below…

Sia – “The Girl You Lost To Cocaine” Directed by Kris Moyes

Sia – “Buttons” Directed by Kris Moyes

Sia ‘ Buttons (Music Video) from Concord Music Group on Vimeo.

Title Image by Mark Metcalfe via Getty