Sarah Blasko, Sally Seltmann And Holly Throsby Team Up

Now to new album news by way of synchronized Twitter circle jerk. Sarah Blasko, Sally Seltman And Holly Throsby – collectively known as Australia’s female singer/songwriter triumvirate – have announced plans for a new superband and album on their respective Twitter accounts. They were probably all in the same room at the time (some studio in NYC) and if our experience with well orchestrated Twitter back patting is any indication, totally high-fived after.

Says Seltmann: I’m in New York recording an album with @sarahblasko and @hollythrosby. Feeling the heat!

Says Blasko: News today is @hollythrosby, @SallySeltmann and I are in NYC making an album. They’re 5 minutes quicker at tweeting and I’m scared!

Says Throsby: @sarahblasko and @sallyseltmann and I have started a band and we are making an album in New York. Today is recording day number two.

If you’re wondering to what extent the circle jerk extends, Throsby attended the same high school as Seltmann and has previously recorded a duet with Blasko. Blasko apparently, will be keeping fans updated via her blog.