RZA Enlists Russell Crowe For Kung Fu Flick

Unexpected collaboration alert! As reported back in May, the RZA is currently prepping The Man With The Iron Fists, a self-penned Kung Fu epic that the RZA will also direct and star in. Don’t worry though, the dude’s not doing everything by himself. As we’ve also reported, the Wu Tang linchpin has previously enlisted help from Hollywood bigwigs Quentin Tarantino and Eli Roth (directing tips and a script re-write respectively) and now, according to a recent interview with E! UK, RZA, real name Robert Fitzgerald Diggs, has signed on swords and sandals mainstay and American Gangster co-star Russell Crowe. For real.

Says RZA of Crowe: “I won’t spoil it for you, but Russell’s gonna be the baddest man alive…That man is in fighting shape. That man will knock you out.”. Not entirely sure if he’s referring to Crowe’s character or Crowe in general but we’re intrigued none the less. How else are we going to see Crowe in a hip hop inspired Kung Fu/Spaghetti Western? Get ready for some weirdness.

Via E! UK
Image by: AFP via Getty