RÜFÜS, Melbourne

Nothing lasts forever. With beloved inner-Mebourne venue The Palace now reaching its final days, it seems the only fitting way for it to go out would be to go out dancing. RÜFÜS managed to do exactly that.

With a heaving, sweaty, sold out capacity crowd of some 1,800 people – the band’s third sell out in as many days at the venue – with hands in the air and feet moving every which way, a great sense of joy and hope overwhelmed any lingering sadness that a venue closure like this may elicit.

Through a rollicking set of fan favourites lifted from last year’s album “Atlas,” the three piece from Sydney deftly controlled the ups and downs of the crowd, guiding them on an hour-long synth-fuelled ride, beneath the piercing auspices of a spectacular, and unique, lighting fixture that was brought to life with the help of their friends from Red Bull.

When it comes time for venues to close for good, most use their final moments for reflection and contemplation; showcasing the path they’ve trodden in over the years, and those who walked longest upon it. The Palace has used the opportunity a little differently; emboldening the new generation. A new generation that RÜFÜS is very much on the crest of.

Light show by: eness
Shot by: Kane Hibberd / Red Bull Content Pool