Radiohead Australian Tour Rumours Abound

Today in unsubstantiated tour rumours: Radiohead will tour Australia in November!

The infallible British five-piece have been tipped to tour New Zealand in November based on exactly one tweet from local musician Connan Mockasin and “confirmation” from an inside source of 95bFM’s Morning Glory radio show host, Charlotte Ryan. reports: “The psychedelic pop star tweeted he wouldn’t be coming home for the Camp A Low Hum music festival in February, but would be back with Radiohead in tow. “I won’t be coming home for camp [A Low Hum] but will be with Radiohead later in the year. Host of 95bFM’s Morning Glory radio show, Charlotte Ryan, fuelled the fire further this morning saying an industry insider had confirmed Radiohead will be coming to New Zealand in November.”

Hmmm pretty tenuous at this point. More info as it arises…