Queens Of The Stone Age Set To Shred A Special Gig At Hobart’s Mona Museum

Queens Of The Stone Age don’t often play their behemoth tunes in massive underground art lairs, but they’ve just announced a big bloody exception to that rule.

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The hugely successful rock band has revealed they will play a one-and-done 90-minute acoustic set at Hobart’s Mona Museum on Monday September 3, with proceeds going towards the Royal Hobart Hospital Children’s Ward.

The gig will take place inside Mona’s Nolan Gallery, an cavernous space which usually holds some of the most challenging artworks of any major museum.

(For reference, Wim Delvoye‘s cloaca machine – an artificial poo factory – is situated just around the corner. It’s yet to be seen if QOTSA will work 2007 B-side The Fun Machine Took A Shit & Died into their set.)

Frontman Josh Homme said the opportunity was v. special, referencing his marriage to Brody Dalle, The Distiller’s killer frontwoman and bona fide Australian.

“I sit with Brody’s Mum & enjoy the wild, utterly Australian beauty. I think Mona is a perfect example of Tassie individuality, so playing there is an honour,” Homme said.

Tickets will be pretty strictly limited and monitored considering the size of the venue. They go on sale this Thursday, and if you’re keen, you can scope out details HERE.