Zac Efron Visited The Mona Museum In Hobart, So BRB Buying A Ticket For The Spirit Of Tasmania

Zac Efron

Zac Efron, honorary Aussie, has just visited Hobart’s famous art museum Mona and apparently reckons one of the exhibits smells like shit (and yeah, it actually does).

The High School Musical star has been gallivanting around Australia for his new Netflix series, Down to Earth and it looks like he’s now in Tassie. In a series of posts on Instagram, Zac posed inside an art installation, and I must say green is his colour (as well as every colour TBH).

Zac also posted a video on his Instagram stories of Mona’s infamous Cloaca ‘Poop Machine’. If you’ve never been before, the poo installation mimics the human digestive system and at a certain time each day it lets out a gigantic, smelly shit.

Zac’s brother, Dylan Efron, also accompanied him at the museum as he is currently executive producing – Down to Earth.

However, it seemed that Vanessa Valladares didn’t join the two Efrons, further confirming the rumour that the pair are donezo.

Shock jock Kyle Sandilands recently confirmed on his show that Zac and Vanessa were no more. Another source also told Woman’s Day that the “nail in the coffin” was the rumour that Vanessa was going to appear on *that* chaotic new reality show, Byron Baes.

“I’m sure the final nail in the coffin was him seeing the story of her being possibly on Byron Baes and the claims that he was helping her get on it,” the mate told Woman’s Day.

The report adds that “Zac sent her home from the set [Down to Earth with Zac Efron]” after finding out about the Byron Baes whispers from a friend, which, again, surely must be Kyle?

“He’s a very good person who wanted a genuine, normal, down-to-earth partner,” the insider said.

Well if they are over then I need to buy a ticket to Hobart ASAP, so I can show Zac my map of Tassie…