An Absurdly Wild Beer-Soaked Brawl Shut Down A Pusha T Show In Toronto

Despite the feud between Pusha T and Drake being publicly put to bed, there’s still apparently quite a bit of animosity lingering around. Particularly in Drake’s home town of Toronto.

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Pusha T attempted to play a show in the famed Six a few short hours ago, one that was summarily shut down after Drake’s most recent chief protagonist was showered in a hail of beer and other assorted liquids, before an ungodly brawl broke out between fans attempting to rush the stage and security.

Pusha quickly exited the stage just before all hell broke loose; a brawl captured on video by multiple punters in the crowd.

It got loose quick.

The 41-year-old New York artist returned to the stage a short time later to attempt to resurrect the set, however police reportedly arrived and ordered the show be shut down entirely.

Pusha and Drake feuded almost constantly throughout the North American summer, culminating in a diss track released by Pusha that publicly outed Drake as having a secret son; a rumour Drake would later confirm on Scorpion.

While Drake spoke at length about why he was backing away from the beef – noting that he didn’t want to go “all the way in” on it after Pusha’s final diss track – there’s still some lingering anger on Drake’s behalf, particularly regarding Pusha’s barbs aimed at longtime Drake producer 40, who has MS.

Was it bold of old mate to try and march into Toronto and expect to come out unscathed? Hard to say.

One thing’s for certain though: This one ain’t over. Not by a long shot.