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Hooo boy. 
Maybe, just maybe, it’s always been foolish to assume the fists that pump above the decks on EDM’s largest stages are the same ones to twiddle the knobs in secluded recording studios. 

That’s what Danny Grant, the Melbourne-based head of Loud Entertainment, is claiming in his latest, increasingly-viral Facebook status. 

And he’s vowed to drop the names of the heavy-hitters in the industry who secretly rely on ghost writers, asking “if your artist/you aren’t ashamed of it then why not openly admit it?”

He’s claimed that for every 200 likes, he’d drop the name of a local or international act who’s knee-deep in ghost writers. At time of writing, the status has racked up a staggering 1000 likes, and it’s only growing. 

Currently, DVVBS, Timmy Trumpet, Steve Aoki, Hannah Wants, and The Stafford Brothers have been named as alleged ghost-users by Grant. 

Stacks of accusations are flying around elsewhere, and you better believe the comments have turned into an absolute shitshow, full of legit local producers airing their greivances, and bloodthirsty passers-by waiting for the accusations to unfold:

Of course, this whole debacle comes after a years-long surge in attacks against the practice; it’s been claimed for a long-ass time that kingmakers like David Guetta are a-okay with slapping their name on someone else’s tune. 

Perhaps the massive crowds at shows like that ain’t too fussed, but this post is proof the serious heads are bloody tired of it. 

Source: Danny Grant / Facebook. 
Photo: Cedric Rebeiro / Getty.