Melbourne’s Street Art Mecca Hosier Lane Is Also Home To A Very Spooky Ghost

Hosier Lane, the graffiti-filled street in Melbourne that’s responsible for 90% of Instagram pics in the city, has been a hot topic in the news this week after two masked folks paint-bombed the walls.

But did you know that the lane you’ve likely cavorted down at some point in your life is also… home to a GHOST!

Well, maybe. If you believe in ghosts. Settle in, friends, as I spin you a tale.

So there have been reports of ghostly experiences, particularly from men who go piss in the lane when they’re drunk. According to Jacqui Travalgia of Lantern Ghost Tours, who spoke to the City Of Melbourne, men have said they’ve felt squeezing hands around their neck when they piss there. 

Some say they’ve seen the dark silhouette of a guy out of the corner of their eyes, but then they turn and there’s no one there.


It gets wilder. The ghost? Apparently none other than Frederick Patrick Deeming. A hot piece of ass:

Frederick Deeming

But a terrible, terrible man.

He was born in Leicestershire, England back in 1853, but made his way to Australia in 1882 when he was 29. Working everywhere from Sydney to Rockhampton to Melbourne, he had a reputation for being a stellar worker… until he borrowed money and didn’t pay it back. And then was caught stealing shit from his workplaces.

He escaped Australia before he could be sent to jail, chaotically fucking off to South Africa. He’d had two kids in Australia with his wife, Marie. She moved to England while he cavorted around in SA.

But! He married again! WHILE married to Marie, he wedded Helen Matheson. He ghosted her after a few months, before marrying again – this time, to Emily Mather.

Frederick and Emily went back to Australia, moving to the Melbourne suburb of Windsor. Frederick Deeming paid a month’s rent in a townhouse there, but moved out at some point. A while later, the landlord was finally moving people in to rent the place… but he noticed a “disagreeable smell” in the second bedroom.

They traced the smell to the hearthstone, lifted it… and discovered Emily’s dead body. Told you he was a shit dude.

The cops got involved, and after some connecting of dots they realised Frederick hadn’t just murdered his new wife – he’d also killed his first wife and children back in England. And buried THEIR bodies in the floor, too.

There’s more to Frederick Deeming’s grisly story, including a wild twist – but I’ll force you to listen to our true crime podcast All Aussie Mystery Hour for the rest.