Have A Listen To This Playlist Of Bangers From Aussie Underground Artists

underground artists

Alright you guys, Budweiser‘s night of Freedom – an event celebrating a tonne of talented musos – is literal days away so if you haven’t RSVP’d (which you can do right here) you might want to motor.

The Jim Mitchells (who are playing the event), have put together a playlist of underground Aussie artists to get everyone in the spirit. It features Crocodylus, Straight Arrows and fellow Freedom act The Friendly Friends, which you can get ’round below or click here for the full playlist.

If your ears don’t wet themselves from excitement then I suggest you Vincent Van Gogh ’em.

Might we also remind everyone that the whole night is free and you can treat your ears to an absolute smorgasbord of musos. Have a gander at the stacked lineup here:

Oxford Art Factory, Sydney, 18th January

The Lulu Raes
The Pretty Littles
The Million
The Jim Mitchells
Big White
Georgia June
The Friendly Friends
Baby Beef
Dream Dog

Because you’re all greedy and lazy as hell, Budweiser has even worked their magic to give everyone a free bev upon entry, so genuinely all you have to do is say you’re attending and rock up at 7pm for a night full of shenanigans. If that’s too much to ask then you deserve to stay home and be dull.

Your call.