5 Artists That Dominated Listen Out & 100% Should Be On Yr Summer Playlist

Head to Listen Out in Sydney or Brisbane over the long weekend? Devo that Future went and cancelled his remaining shows? Don’t be. I mean – don’t get me wrong, it was totally sad. But there were plenty of acts you should have gotten around at the fest; in fact, you probs were all “Future, who?” by the time you finished with all these artists’ sets.


This guy’s been going hard since 1991 – literally since before some of us were born. Does being 50+ make him super lame? Ah, no. His house/techno beats are bloody magic, and well worth a boogie to.

Pray that ‘Shake and Pop‘ got a spin, and if you’re not across it already, absolutely Spotify that shit right now. It’s pretty much everything you loved about mid-to-late 2000s electro concentrated into six and a half minutes.



Fan of Kendrick Lamar? He’s prob WELL disappointed in you if you didn’t check out Little Simz, a Brit rapper/singer who’s worked with heavyweights like Tinie Tempah and Estelle in the past, and received praise from K-Dot himself. She’s fkn cool and mega talented, and her blend of R&B and grime is absolutely impossible not to have a dance to.


If you were in the mood for some chill vibes, I’m assuming you headed to Jai Wolf’s set. The Bangladeshi/NY based DJ and producer churns out some mad relaxed beats that will work perfectly with the pre-summer weather we had over the weekend.

Indian Summer is his biggest hit, and it’s a track steeped in chillwave that feels like that moment the sea breeze hits your face. Grab a brewski, lay back in the sun, and let these chilled out vibes wash over you, amirite?



Hell yeah, the Aussies. This rapper/singer has had a massive career spike of late – one of her tunes even featured on a Google ad, so how’s that for peak success.

Her style is sweet and her rhymes have her embracing the Aussie twang that’s been taking over the music world for the last few years.

This is one of those acts that you go see, and in a year or two they’re Lorde-level famous. So get ahead of the curve and get onto her now, ok? Trust us.



Alice Ivy’s a hard one to explain, which is exactly why she was one of the sets you should have checked out. The genre-defying Aussie artist makes dreamy, summer-party style tunes that get in your head so bad, you’d be silly to not chuck them straight into your Sunday sesh mixes.

So hop to it, folks. There was absolutely buckets of diverse talent at Listen Out, and if it’s not packed out your ~*Summer 2018 Vibes*~ playlist on Spotify/iTunes/your preferred streaming service, I’ll be deeply surprised.

Get around ’em.