Spotify’s ‘Playlist Equalizer’ Reveals How Much Of Your Music Is By Women

Ever wanted to know just how much your music playlists are split between men and…not men? Or wanted to somehow up the amount of badass women you’re listening to on the reg?

Spotify and Smirnoff have teamed up in time for International Womens Day to bring you the Smirnoff Equaliser, where you can drag a sliding sale up and down to tailor a playlist to have more women artists in it. Don’t worry, it won’t let you slide it all the way back to no women in your earholes; the slider begins at 50-50, and you can drag it up to 90% women. Hell yeah.

After Spotify came to realise that last year’s top artists were extremely dominated by men, they decided to actively try and get people listening to more women artists and bands, considering 2017 was a very strong year for women in music.

The equaliser first does a read on your listening habits, and pulls out your percentage of women to men. Honestly I try to listen to a lot of female artists and bands and STILL my percentaged were cooked. I mean maybe it’s because I’ve been listening to hours upon hours of Say Anything‘s first two records recently but ya know.

So garn, git. Listen to some sick guitar riffs from equally sick chicks. Don’t listen to dudes when they tell you that women aren’t trying.