Pitch Festival Attendees Are Asking About Refunds As Start Of Fest Delayed Until 6pm Saturday

Pitch Music and Arts Festival has copped a barrage of angry comments on an Instagram Post updating revellers about current fire danger in regional Victoria.

Pitch Music and Arts Festival is copping a barrage of angry comments on an Instagram Post updating revellers about current fire danger in regional Victoria. This weekend, around 15,000 attendees are expected to make their way to Moyston for the sold-out event, 220km north of Melbourne.

On Friday, the festival’s official Instagram posted an update amid soaring temperatures across the state of Victoria.

Pitch’s Friday weather update via Instagram.
Pitch’s Friday weather update via Instagram.

“CFA (Country Fire Authority) have advised the Bureau of Metrology have forecast an Extreme Fire Danger Rating for the South West Weather District for Saturday 9 March 2024. This includes the site for the Pitch Music and Arts Festival. Further CFA has declared a Total Fire Ban for this area for Saturday,” the post began.

The post went on to acknowledge that the CFA deemed the fire risk “Extreme”, recommending people ” reconsider travel through bushfire risk areas”.

The festival, which was due to begin on Friday, advised, “If you are arriving on Saturday we recommend delaying your arrival until further notice”.

It made sure to stress that despite temperatures in the mid-to-high 30s, there were no active fires in the region at the time the social media post was shared.

The post was met with nearly 1,000 comments from concerned attendees.

“If there’s a fire what is the evacuation plan????” asked one of the most-liked comments.

“Yeah this is shocking needs more info !!!!! So misleading,” said another.

“Refunds available?” queried a third.

The most-liked comment on the post, at nearly 800 likes concludes by saying, “Everyone is aware that there has been a tremendous amount of planning and excitement leading up to the event. But situations like these require strong leadership and courage. Cancel the event and issue refunds. Do the right thing for the community”.

Pitch Festival replied to the comment, saying “We have been following the advice of authorities every step of the way, and will continue to do so. We have measures on site to get this information to attendees, there are currently no active fires in the region. As we receive more advice and information it will be distributed both to everyone on site and online.

Then, at around midday on Saturday, the festival posted a further update to its social media.

Pitch’s Saturday weather update via Instagram.

“Programming will commence at 6pm today (Saturday) and will continue as scheduled for the remainder of the event,” it began.

It went on to reconfirm that there were still no active fires and maintained that attendees should delay their travel.

“Regarding refund inquiries, we appreciate your patience as we work through the specifics. Rest assured, ticket holders will receive an update as more information becomes available,” it said.

Just last month, 16,000 hectares of bushland was destroyed in Western Victoria after bushfires ripped through the region.

More to come.