Peking Duk’s Video Guy Accidentally Shot A Proposal & Needs Help Finding Them

They say that part of being a good videographer is knowing how to be in the right place at the right time, but even this is something else entirely: Ryan Sauer, long-time resident videographer for Peking Duk, in the course of doing some bog-standard b-roll shooting, just-so-happened to capture a random proposal outside Sydney’s Enmore Theatre on Friday night.

[jwplayer 4r2EZFHr]

Sauer, who has worked extensively with Peking Duk across the past handful of years, was shooting for Trophy Eyes prior to the band’s show at the Enmore late last week.

In the process of capturing a sweeping shot of the venue’s entrance, he happened to perfectly time and shoot a young lad getting down on bended knee and apparently popping the question to his equally adorable love.

Seriously, you could’ve planned and blocked this out and tried 100 takes and none of them would’ve wound up being this good.

Here’s the real kicker though: In the midst of all the excitement, particularly given that she said yes, the happy couple apparently went off into the good night before Sauer could get their names.

Peking Duk and their management are now desperately trying to track down the two cute kids, hence why the footage is now out into the ole’ public sphere.

If you happen to know whomst the couple is, sound off. Who knows, they might have just scored themselves a shithot wedding band (probs not, but it’s a fun thought).

Either way, they’ve got some incredibly gorgeous footage of their special moment. So how’s that for luck.

Congratulations, mystery kids!