In the continued quest of world domination, the boys from Peking Duk have announced that they’re going to be opening up their own bar in the heart of Melbourne‘s nightlife, right in the middle of Prahran/South Yarra.

The boys jumped in the studio with FifiFevs and Byron at FOX hit 101.9 this morning, fresh from blowing everyone’s faces off at the MCG during the NRL State Of Origin last night, confirming that the bar – named Talk To Me – will be opening in the first couple of weeks of September.

That’s literally all the info they let go of this morning, so we got them on the blower to chat through the new venture.

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Adam Hyde – the one with the curly hair who never wears a shirt – told PEDESTRIAN.TV that opening a bar in his new local area of Prahran, felt like such a perfect fit – they’ve spent a lot of late nights there already.

Pretty much we were getting drunk every time were in Melbourne – we would go to this bar and we were like “I reckon we could make this place a little better”, and then we actually just bought it. 

We’re reshaping it at the moment, and turning it into a little fun haven for people to get naughty at.

The duo has teamed up with a friend with “heaps of years of bar experience” (thank God), and it’ll be a spot where bands can play late and party deep into the night – as the Peking Duk ethos prescribes. If you’ve ever been to Less Than Zero next to Prahran Markets, then you know.

I just recently moved to Melbourne, and I live around that area, and I just noticed how booming it is – it’s such a good vibe around there. We’ll be throwing parties there a lot and doing some cool stuff with other artists. We’re just going to make it a really fun place.

It’ll be like a playground for artists.

Even though the boys will be on tour in the US and Europe for most of the rest of the year, they’re still somehow finding time to open up a fucking BAR, so how’d that for multitasking. They’re still working out the menu and the exact date it’ll be flinging open its doors, or if this is just the beginning of a hospitality takeover, but let me tell you – we’ll keep you updated.

If it’s anything like the spaghetti western saloon in the Reprisal clip, then sign me the fuck up, folks.

Image: Getty Images / Ryan Pierse