Panic! At The Disco Launches Foundation To Support Human Rights Orgs

As if you couldn’t love the bloke any more, Brendon Urie – frontman and perpetual member of Panic! At The Disco – has launched his own foundation, focusing on human rights issues and raising funds from ticket sales for not-for-profit organisations.

Posted on the band’s website, Urie talks about the communities and minority groups he wants his new initiative, Highest Hopes Foundation, to support, recognising that he has a unique position of power and influence that he can use for good.

Today I present to you the Highest Hopes Foundation, created to support the efforts of non-profit organizations that lead, develop, and advocate support for human rights. This is dedicated to all people + communities who are subject to discrimination or abuse on the basis of gender, race, religion, sexual orientation + gender identity.

Urie goes on to confirm that $1 from every U.S. ticket sold on Panic! At The Disco’s upcoming Pray For The Wicked Tour will go to the foundation and that fans can also donate on their own behalf to the charity.

Truly, if you had told me that the dude who I crushed on as a teenager for being this wildly theatrical emo pop star would go on to be a top-notch human I would have been like “hmm yeah you’re probably right I mean just look at him, you can tell he has a pure heart.”

And now, in 2018, our collective love for Brendon Urie burns brighter than ever before.

Go you good thing.