Last week we tried to solve the Vivid lineup clues dropped by Modular boss Steve “Pav” Pavlovic. One of our guesses was Cali rap crew Odd Future Wolfgang Kill Them All who hinted at an Australian tour earlier this year, and who’ve been blowing up the blogosphere ever since. Today, one day ahead of the festival’s first official lineup announcement (it should be fucking huge by the way) we decided to google “OFWKTA” and “Sydney Opera House”. Some vague attempt to catch a tour announcement, tweet or something that would confirm what has been a pretty persistent tour rumour for a while now. We found one. Nestled on the first page of Google is a ticketing form for an OFWGKTA show at the Sydney Opera House straight from the Opera House website. All confirmed then, just like we predicted.

OFWGKTA at the Opera House? Swag Mr. Pavlovic, swag.