In keeping with a revered tradition pioneered by her gross, Internet famous predecessors, Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian, Nadya Suleman – who you might know better as Octomom – has given birth to her fifteenth child: a spectacularly woeful, auto-tuned pop abomination with the best name ever, ‘Sexy Party‘.

I think everyone was a little dismayed when we learned that Octomom would no longer be gracing our shores to seek refuge from the “toxic” US paparazzi. But being the overzealous giver of life she is, Suleman has seen fit to gift us ‘Sexy Party’ as a kind of reconciliatory offering.

TMZ have the first clip of the song and you can listen to the 30 second sample below before embarking on a day made all the more glorious for having listened first hand to the sound of bad decision making.

Photo by Toby Canham for Getty Images