Ocean Alley Got Funky On That Tune From The Toyota Ad For ‘Like A Version’

Hell yeah, finally we get ourselves a fun-as-hell Like a Version in 2018.

Northern Beaches blokes Ocean Alley (it sounds like a hardcore band name, but it is not a hardcore band as I am just discovering now) are your latest lucky ducks to walk the hallowed halls of the ABC to lay down a cover tune for Triple J‘s weekly institution Like a Version.

And sure, most bands take the whole thing fairly seriously, putting their own unique spin or arrangement on current tunes-of-the-day or somesuch. But every once in a while a band rocks up and decides to have a bit of fun with it.

Enter: Ocean Alley, giving loving, funky service to a Player tune that topped the charts in 1977, but that most of you probably know thanks to a Toyota Hilux ad.

Don’t act like you don’t remember the ad.

The one with the shaggy bloke losing his ute to the sea before he winds up stealing an identical one that was parked on the beach months later.

You don’t just “find” your old ute on the beach, m8. I don’t care what the advertising slogan they’re running with is.

Big shout out to Ocean Alley as well for dropping in that sneaky little Like a Version outro jam at the end of the tune.

It’s little touches like that that really send it all home.

Happy Friday, champions!