Now Anonymous is Making Threats Against Iggy Azalea

If Sony’s total capitulation to the Interview hackers has taught us anything, it’s that making anonymous threats against individuals and companies is now a totally viable course of action for anybody with a grudge of any sort.
Jezebel report that overnight, Iggy Azalea became the target of just such threats, with an offshoot of Anonymous demanding that she apologise to Azealia Banks, and threatening to release “proof” of an alleged sex tape if she doesn’t comply.
The dispute between the two women has dragged on for the last few weeks, with Banks accusing her rival ‘Igloo Australia’ of co-opting black culture, and Azalea hitting back with accusations of jealousy and bullying.
Anonymous have accused Azalea of “misappropriating black culture, insulting peaceful protesters, and making light of Eric Garner‘s death” in her remarks against Banks, and are now demanding an apology within “48 hours.” 
While Anonymous say they won’t release the whole sex tape because they have “values to live by”, they claim they’ll release screenshots showing her face, because blackmailing women with their own sexuality is a perfect way to demonstrate values. 
They have threatened her with a “one way ticket to a life of suffering” and told her to “comply or else”, because once again, values. You can see the Tweets embedded in Jezebel’s article if you really want.
Iggy Azalea has yet to comment.

Photo: Daniel Boczarski via Getty Images