Iggy Azalea Responds to Q-Tip’s ‘Patronising’ History Lesson

Earlier this week, hip-hop elder statesman Q-Tip officially joined The Great Iggy Azalea Twitter Pile-On Of 2014offering the ‘Fancy’ rapper a lengthy lesson in the history of the genre.
Iggy, who currently finds herself in the middle of a social media shitstorm about cultural appropriation, and has faced down some particularly nasty threats as a result, got around to responding. 
First things first, she thanked those who have supported her:

She then turned her attention to Q-Tip’s history lesson, saying that it’s “patronising” for people to assume she knows nothing about hip-hop, but noting that she has long been met with that assumption:

After a while, she changed the subject to Christmas and her apparently pretty lavish gift-giving where Swaggy P is concerned:

This whole thing remains a bit of a mess. Although Iggy has become the focal point of a lot of internet hate, she’s hardly the first person to dilute hip-hop into a pop-friendly format, and to her credit, she’s pretty open about this. 

Either way, the ever-tenacious Azealia Banks is on the case:

Photo: Larry Marano via Getty Images