Iggy Azalea and Azealia Banks’ Feud Just Got Even More Pointed

Amethyst Amelia ‘Igloo Australia’ Kelly and Azealia Banks have been taking increasingly angry social media pot shots at one another for the past few weeks, and this feud shows no sign of slowing down. 
During a recent, lengthy interview with the Hot97, Banks laid out her position against Iggy and others, for what she sees as their appropriation of black culture and music.
She also laid into the media for focusing on her frequent Twitter outbursts rather than her broader message, and at times got so passionate she actually cried.
Iggy immediately hit back with a series of angry Tweets:

Banks quickly followed suit, accusing ‘Iffy Azuzu‘ of playing the victim and failing to understand her broader points:
Banks clearly does feel passionate in her beliefs about cultural appropriation; Iffy Azuzu is clearly fed up with the fact that Banks won’t stop attacking her at every possible opportunity.
Amidst the anger, both raise seemingly valid points, and there’s really no easy way to sum the situation up, except to say that an Iggy feat. Azealia track (or the other way around) would be a pretty incendiary prospect at this point.
via Uproxx
Photo: Adam Bettcher via Getty Images