Nick Littlemore Won’t Get Out Of Bed For Less Than $1m Says Luke Steele

Yesterday, we posted a brief interview snippet with Empire of the Sun maverick Luke Steele explaining his continued work with fellow eyeliner enthusiast Daniel Johns for an African inspired album also indebted to Talking Heads and The Clash. Sounds interesting. But the former Silverchair frontman wasn’t the only collaborator Steele talked about. When we asked why EOTS partner Nick Littlemore was absent during the group’s inaugural Australian tour as part of Parklife four years ago, Steele looked to the heavens and sighed. He seemed at odds. Then he said this.

In essence Nick was all like “When there’s real money on the table, give me a call.” Then Luke was all like “If a million dollars for five shows isn’t real money. I don’t know what is.” Then this GIF was all like.

Empire of the Sun’s sophomore record ‘Ice on the Dune’ is slated for release June 14. Watch the film clip for first single “Alive” here.