Nick Littlemore Leaves Luke Steele “With The Baby”

The videos for Empire Of The Sun’s two most recent singles “Standing On The Shore” and “Without You” suffered from a distinct lack of Nick Littlemore. Which sucks because you need to balance out the crazy with other kinds of crazy, you know? Littlemore’s absence caused Australian media outlets to speculate about an Empire Of The Sun split but in an interview with the Australia Associated Press Luke Steele is just as hazy on details as the rest of us….

“He disappeared about five months ago and I haven’t really heard from him,” says Steele “Last I heard he’s in Canada and then he’s in Vegas.” When asked whether Littlemore was still in the band Steele replied: “I really don’t know, hey…He’s just left me with the baby.” And we all know how disadvantaged single mothers are so you know the music is going to grow up with abandonment issues and a distrust of men.

The question then becomes, is this an elaborate piece of performance art or legitimate vagueness on Littlemore’s behalf? We like to think it’s the former and come their inaugural live show at Parklife here’s hoping Littlemore jumps out of a giant prop birthday cake.

Via ninemsn