Football is life. Everyone knows this. And it often takes precedence over most things. Game on while you’re at work? Bung that badboy on the TV while you tapping away. Got a thing at a pub with some mates that you have to go to? Sorry guys, it’s gotta be a pub that screens the footy.

And with mobile technology and live streaming reaching levels that are now pretty much indistinguishable from regular broadcast TV, keeping up with your boys/girls whilst on-the-go is easier than ever. No matter where you are. Even if you’re dropping stacks of beats on a heaving crowd in the Netherlands.

Sven Väth, a German DJ and producer, recently held court for a set at the Awakenings Festival near Amsterdam. Problem is, the festival happens to be going down at the same time that most of Europe is fixated on the Euro 2016 football tournament. Ya know, that thing that’s second only to the World Cup in terms of sporting tournament sizes.

And through some quirk of scheduling, likely perpetrated by a bitter Netherlands fan, Väth’s set happened to coincide with the hotly anticipated Germany vs Slovakia round of 16 clash.

Not that that was gonna stop ole’ Väthie from coppin’ a good squizz at the footy, as one person standing side stage caught Väth streaming the game on his smartphone whilst dropping da bass.

That right there? That’s a bloke who’s got his shit in order. A tip of the cap to ya.

The watch was worth it, as it turns out. Germany steamrolled over Slovakia 3-0 to advance to the Quarter Finals of the tournament, and a blockbuster meeting with fellow Euro-powerhouse Italy.

Source: Stoney Roads.

Photo: Mr. After Party/Facebook.