Dude Gives DJ Shit For Dropping Bieber At Meredith, DJ Sets Trolls Loose

Low-key, Justin Bieber‘s new album has some stone-cold bangers in it. Particularly the lead singles “What Do You Mean?” and (most significantly), “Sorry.”

It ticks all the requisite boxes. It is a banger.
And thus its place in a late night DJ set at the annual Everything Is Awesome! fest that is the Meredith Music Festival is absolutely warranted.
Enter: Sydney bloke DJ Levins, who dropped that shit like it was hot lava, and made his feelings on the song/artist/young Canadian fellow absolutely well known.

A proud moment that I will share with all future generations

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‘Course, what with there still being people who let the continued existence of Justin Bieber ruin their days, not everyone was chuffed on it.
Like this chap, who pulled nil punches on Levins’ Instagram post.
But then again, the scarcity of fucks to be given by the internet writ large should never, ever be underestimated.
And the response of Levins himself also saw him gaze upon his vast fuck field and observe that it lay barren.

Let the proclamation to all vocal Bieber-haters across the world ring loud: “WHO CARES.”

Photo: DJ Levins/Facebook.