Morrissey Denies Trying To Get Competing Gig In California Cancelled

Proving yet again that the only Morrissey news is entertaining Morrissey news, our favourite vegetarian merchant of gloom has stirred up what looks and smells a lot like beef on the latest stop of his US tour.
The Mozfather’s been accused by Scottish band PAWS of trying to get their set at Santa Ana’s Observatory cancelled because “he is playing in another room in the same venue and wishes for their to be no other artists performing in his vicinity”
The accusation was made in a swiftly-deleted post on the band’s Facebook page, along with a few choice phrases like “utter selfishness”, “rich, has-been, ego maniac” and “disgusting garbage”. 
Morrissey’s camp’s denied the claim, saying “Morrissey had nothing to do with this. As long as there was no sound bleed, Morrissey was completely fine with another show going on inside the same complex.” We’d like to believe that, but given Moz’ reputation for dictating the terms of his live performances (he won’t play venues that serve meat) and proud history of being a bit of a dick, the story has a certain smack of truth.
Anyway, not to worry: all bands ended up playing, although PAWS and headliners We Are Scientists‘ sets were pushed back until after Morrissey finished. We Are Scientists took the news with exemplary grace and magnanimity, too. Except, whoops, the opposite of that:

Image via Jim Dyson for Getty Images Entertainment