Mangey Mutt Makes Meal of Morrissey

In a strange twist of irony, the outspoken animal rights advocate and Meat Is Murder songwriter Morrissey has been attacked by a dog in England, sustaining injuries to his hand and arm.

The Moz-dedicated e-zine True to You reported that “Morrissey sustained hand and arm injuries recently after being attacked by a dog in England. Morrissey has attended hospital in Malmo (Sweden) where x-rays reveal a fractured index finger on his right hand. The cracked bone is at the tip of the finger.”

Fortunately for fans, the injury will not impact any of his upcoming European tour dates – and after catching footage of his recent Glastonbury set there’s no way you’d want to miss the chance to see The Smiths former front man perform live: he sounds as good as ever.

Take note, dogs of the world. Morrissey is on your side.

Via P4K