Molly Meldrum Open His Eyes

Molly Meldrum remains in a critical condition after sustaining injuries related to a fall in his Melbourne home last week. He has since been placed in an induced coma with a fractured skull and chest injuries but those close to the icon remain optimistic he will recover over time.

His brother, Brian Meldrum, says CAT scans indicate bruising to the brain is starting to ease though it will be some time before Meldrum regains his cognitive faculties. “In terms of him being brought to a point of him being able to talk to us and communicate with us, I can’t imagine that will happen any time soon,” he said. “And when I say soon, certainly not in the next couple of days.”

Also remaining positive is manager Mark Klemens, who says Meldrum briefly opened his eyes as a result of reduced sedation. “As I understand it, during the night they reduced the sedation slightly, as a result of that he opened his eyes for a short time.” he said. “It was a fairly deliberate and slow movement, and then he closed his eyes, but it was a positive step.”

Hang in there mate.

Title Image by Robert Prezioso via Getty