Milky Chance’s Cover Of ‘Dance Monkey’ Is A Controversial Start To Like A Version 2020

It was without a doubt the biggest song to come out of Australia in 2019, and now to kick into the new season of Friday cover song sessions, Milky Chance has taken a big run at Tones And I‘s ‘Dance Monkey’ for Like A Version.

[jwplayer oTUtyuBC]

The German band tried to tackle the monstrous hit for the second instalment of this year’s LAV, which is a bold move in itself, and though they’ve put their own funky spin on it musically, it’s not glossing over too well with the punters.

I can’t imagine what the notorious Triple J text line must be looking like today, but the response on comments sections are…well woof they’re pretty brutal.


The nasal-heavy vocals that Tones And I is known for is absolutely shared by Milky Chance singer Clemens Rehbein, but I feel like they could have slowed it down, brought it down to an octave that doesn’t have Rehbein straining his voice to hit, and turned it into a real sultry, funky jam.

Instrumentally, there’s some really cool shit going on here. From the Jumanji-grade tom drum beat to the how-the-fuck-do-you-do-that vibrating guitar sounding like a woodpecker humming a tune, it’s a hell of an interpretation, but it’s seemingly just missed the mark for a lot of Triple J listeners.

Check it out the Milky Chance cover below and give us your thoughts, because I am utterly torn on what to make of this one.