Tones And I Admitted She ‘Loathes’ Dance Monkey Now And Welcome To The Fold, Babes

tones and i hates dance monkey

Well what d’ya know: Tones And I seems to have moments of loathing her biggest song just as much as the rest of us. Like a true artist, Tones has admitted that at times, she too absolutely hates “Dance Monkey”. Welcome babe, pull up a pew.

The Aussie busker-turned-massive-star told Kent “Smallzy” Small she doesn’t want to try and replicate the viral hit with her new music. Why? Because she doesn’t like it anymore.

“Like I wrote that song on my own not trying to do a single thing and it happened,” she said. “But I don’t want to like just try to chase like that song like I loathe that song a lot of the time.

“Like a lot of times I don’t want to sing it I’m not gonna write another song like it. I just want to tell people how I’m feeling.”

Honestly feels really sobering to know that the person who unleashed such an insane earworm onto the world has finally turned on it like the rest of us.

She’s been jumping in writing sessions with different people every day. She’s noticed people have been trying to work new music that’ll pop off just as hard as “Dance Monkey” did back in 2019.

“I was in the room with men every day, which is fine, but there was like a few of them that had all worked together heaps before and so they just kind of start going off on a tangent,” she said.

“And usually it was directed at “Dance Monkey” like ‘okay, this girl had a hit with this kind of song like let’s go there’ and I was like, ‘I don’t want to go there anymore.’”

Yeah, look good for her standing up for herself here. She said she wrote “Dance Monkey” on her own without any expectations for it to be this massive hit. She doesn’t want to try and chase it and we all know lightning rarely strikes twice when you force it.

Damn her for getting it stuck in my head again merely by thinking about it, though. Fuck.