Relive A 90s ‘RATM’ Mosh Pit With Denzel Curry’s Huge ‘Like A Version’

It’s not often that you come across a cover that blows you backwards off your chair and onto the floor with its sheer intensity and power, but this Denzel Curry cover of Rage Against The Machine‘s ‘Bulls On Parade‘ for today’s Like A Version is 100% going to blast you back to last Tuesday and so you can punch past you right in the face.

[jwplayer vWVjZGsz]

Sweet mother of Christ, if the coffee you had this morning wasn’t enough to wake you up today, then the Florida-based rapper is absolutely going to jolt you into life so abruptly, you may as well hook an IV full of straight caffeine to your veins.

Taking the LaV setup into the bigger studio – which barely contained the ferocity of Denzel Curry and Melbourne-based shredder Harts – the band slammed through the classic track, further suggesting that nu-metal is back in this, the year 2019. We’re in unchartered waters here people, and it’s angry as fuck.

Denzel’s take on RATM (with a cheeky nod to his own track, ‘SIRENS / Z1RENZ‘) has set the bar exceptionally high for every other artist who steps up to the Like A Version plate. It’s going to be mighty hard to match the intensity of this one, which is as tight as fuck and slaps harder than your idiot friend who always gets you when you have a cracker of a sunburn.

Check out the video of the cover below, try not to slam dance wherever you are, and then take a moment to collect your face off the back wall.

This cover was the chaser to the shot we slammed back of Denzel Curry’s track ‘BLACK BALLOONS / 13LACK 13ALLOONZ‘, where he enlisted Sampha The Great to lay down some smooth soul vibes onto the nearly-perfect performance. I might this is one tight, well-oiled machine here, folks.

Incredible that it’s only February and we’ve already been blessed with the best LaV of the year, but here we are.