Melbourne Ledges/420 Enthusiasts The Bennies Adopt Stoner Sloth As Mascot

Bless you, Stoner Sloth. As bad as the initial intent of it has been, the Government surely has got more than their money’s worth in public entertainment alone.

In this festive season, it is truly the gift that keeps on giving.
The horribly thought-out anti-weed smoking borne by the NSW Government has already spawned its own pisstaking merch. But a concept with as much potential as the Stoner Sloth has cannot simply be allowed to end there.
Enter, Melbourne’s premiere party band The Bennies. The psychedelic reggae ska doom metal punk rock from hell group are enormous proponents of the hour of 20 past 4, and as such have taken it upon themselves to adopt the wayward critter as their own de facto mascot.
What’s more, they’ve opened the floodgates open with a t-shirt competition – calling on people to submit artwork featuring the sloth with The Bennies, with the winning entry to be actually printed on a short run of shirts (entries for which are open until Christmas Eve if you feel like busting out the magic markers).
The results thus far? Nothing short of spectacular.

#thebennies #stonersloth @caseymareewalker

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My submission for @thebennies420 #stonersloth tee. #thebennies hahaha

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Hell, one absolute champion/insane person has already gone ahead and immortalised the chillest mammal on earth forever.

Stoner Sloth is always the life of the party #stonersloth #thebennies @thebennies420

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Too beautiful for words. *sniff*

The Bennies and Stoner Sloth. TL4E.
Photo: The Bennies/Facebook.