That Anti-Weed ‘Stoner Sloth’ PSA Already Has Its Own Commemorative Merch

Having merch made up to ironically commemorate your gloriously misguided anti-drug PSA is a surefire way to tell it hasn’t had the desired affect. Well, that’s what New South Wales’ government should be taking away from the whole ‘Stoner Sloth thing, anyway.

Only a few days after the anti-marijuana ads reared their fuzzy, foggy heads, some cheeky upstarts have gone ahead and slapped said sloth on a tee emblazoned with “Pass The Salt” – a phrase that, in all likelihood, is gonna be a “thing” now. 

via Redbubble. 

Again, probs not the intention NSW Premier Mike Baird would have had when the campaign was rolling out. It’s obvious the ads have connected with the bright young things of Australia, but definitely not in the way the state had hoped.  What say you, Mr Premier?

Oh. Yeah, they’re certainly something, mate. It’s early days, but a few days, one tee-shirt and countless pisstakes later, Stoner Sloth certainly ain’t looking like a slam dunk against weed. 

Photo: Redbubble.