Have you guys seen NSW Premier Mike Baird‘s new anti-marijuana campaign? It-it is… really something. 

Welcome to Stoner Sloth! Stoner Sloth uses millennial internet captions and a person in a sloth costume in order to convince you that smoking weed is bad. Confused? Us too!


You gotta see for yourself: stonersloth.com.au

Bairdy, we’re normally pretty chill but this is confusingly hilarious at best, and a gross misuse of taxpayer money at worst. When will ya’ll learn that trying to convince people ‘drugs are bad’ doesn’t work? Prohibition does not, has not, and will not ever work. People (and animals) are always gonna take drugs; start implementing ways to help them do it in a safer and more regulated way. Legalisation & harm minimisation, ya feel?

Anyway, while we wait for the politicians to catch up, lets all revel in the hilariousness that is tfw when government anti-drug campaigns try to target ~the youth~ with “memes” and get it horribly, horribly #wrong, amirite fam LOLOLOLOL. 

Source: Stoner Sloth

Photo: Stoner Sloth.