Matt & Alex Are Doin’ Some Travelling Together & Lawd We Miss Them

We just brought you the news that new Triple J duo on the block Ben and Liam are not faring as well as their predecessors Matt and Alex in terms of ratings, and we reckon that part of it is that people are just missing the absolute heck out of the two boys they loved hearing on their radio every day for a bloody long time.

Good radio hosts make you feel like you are part of the convo, and that like you are all just a bunch of mates hanging out having a good time. So when they leave, you are shattered just like you would be if your IRL mate moved on and you didn’t get to talk to them.

In good, and adorably cute news for all the fans out there to revel in, Matt and Alex have met up overseas, and have been having the best goddamn bromance travel time known to man.

Alex was giving us good overseas content already, recently smashing out 5 festivals in 5 days with two competition winners, raving on everywhere from Croatia to Amsterdam. Insane.

But things got real when the boys started posting Instagram content of each other, as they met up in London, and were obviously stoked as fuck to see each other.

And then went on to eventually travel around Iceland together, posing in scenic and beautiful places.

If that wasn’t enough, they were on bikes for some of it, which is 100% the cutest form of transport available.

Matt posted this photo from Iceland, which is a visual interpretation of our hearts after seeing them together.

And it wouldn’t be Matt and Alex without a video of them taking the piss and pretending to be fighting. They can pretend, but we know how much love they have for each other.

They obviously missed each other, and we miss them. Happy travels!