People Wasted No Time Shitting All Over Maroon 5’s Piss-Awful Halftime Show

Let’s be very clear here: It certainly didn’t attain the dizzying lows of, say, Meat Loaf‘s absolute howler at the 2011 AFL Grand Final, but in the grand pantheon of Super Bowl halftime shows, the insipid one Maroon 5 just put on is easily gonna be ranked comfortably in the bottom five.

[jwplayer 0k8dXrMR]

Adam Levine and co trotted out onto the field after an entirely middling first half between the Rams and the Patriots and plodded through a verifiably Not Great™ medley of old hits, splicing in some intensely half-assed efforts from guests Travis Scott and Big Boi for good measure.

With Levine’s costume changes consisting primarily of slowly progressing to baffling shirtlessness, and a slew of vocal performances that were about as on-key as a gummed up padlock, punters online revolted immediately, shitting mercilessly all over the entire performance.

Absolute woof.

Hell, it went so poorly that people immediately began running from Pepsi, the Halftime Show’s major sponsor, into the loving embrace of their red-banded rival.

Absolutely no two ways about it. That’s a bad, bad review all around.

The good news, at least for Maroon 5, is that the Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta is brand spanking new. So there’s probably plenty of hiding places and they’re all probably plush as hell.