Margaret & David Are Auctioning Off A Jar Of Sia’s Breath

Of all the sentences you expected to read in your life, ‘national treasures Margaret Pomeranz and David Stratton are going to auction off a mason jar filled with Sia Furler’s breath,’ was surely one of them.

Breathe Me,‘ the song that launch’d a thousand hits, catapulted Sia to international acclaim and provided the soundtrack to one of the most intense television moments of our young lives, just got literal.

The esteemed mouth-breather will have her exhalation sold off at the Margaret and David helmed Ultimate Film Quiz Night for Adelaide Film Festival. As Amanda Duthrie, the festival director, told the Advertiser: “Gorgeously and magnificently she breathed into a jar for us, with silver sealing wax so no one can accidentally open it. Whoever wins it will be able to break that seal – or just let it be.” 


via The Guardian.

Photo: Alberto. E Rodriguez via Getty Images + Photoshop.