Macaulay Culkin’s Pizza Underground Band Has A Music Video That Actually Exists

Here’s the dirty secret about being a child film star – it generally sets you up with enough money from a young age to more or less do whatever the fuck you want with your life.

Case in point, Macaulay Culkin – who you might remember as either being the aftershave-slapping tyke from Home Alone or the inexplicable former squeeze of Mila Kunis – a man who long ago gazed upon his crop of fucks and found it to be barren.
A little while ago Culkin formed a band who plays Velvet Underground covers with all lyrics modified to be pizza-themed, appropriately given the name The Pizza Underground. That, my friends, is a real life English sentence.
Disproving the commonly held theory that something like this is a mere one-note joke, the band released a demo, has toured with reasonable consistency, and now has a music video to complete the entire package.
The song in question here is “Pizza Gal,” which is a loving ode to cheesy Italian sauce bread sung to the tune of “Femme Fatale.” As for the clip itself, it’s… it’s really something.

Such alt. Many meta. Very mozzarella.
Just for the record too, Culkin’s apparently not content to stop at one joke band. He recently revealed that his next project is a Billy Joel cover act where all the lyrics are about cats.
It’s called Pussy Joel.
You just keep doing you, man. You just keep doing you.
via Uproxx.