Love Music? Work At FBI, EMI, Secret Sounds And Warner

FBi Radio would like a Programming Assistant (SYD). They are quote “looking for a really great person to do wonderful things around a radio station and in front of a desk.” You’ll be working with the Program Director to ensure that FBi maintains a high level of broadcasting sexiness. Key responsibilities are coordinating the on-air rosters, communicating with broadcasters and making sure that editorial on the station is in keeping with FBi’s programming objectives and community radio codes of practice. Now that you know all that, soundtrack your application with this: [Apply Here]

EMI Music needs a Publicity Officer (SYD) to report to the National Publicity Manager and be responsible for the coordination of creative press campaigns to ensure MAXIMUM exposure for EMI artists and album releases. Apart from all the regular requirements (good communication skills, super motivated, confident, enthusiastic etcetera) it would make the most amount of sense if you also had MAXIMUM passion for music and have experience in a similar role. There is mention of having to attend festivals as part of the job, which would totally suck but you know, sometimes you have to make sacrifices for a good opportunity: [Apply Here]

What does Secret Sounds (SYD) do? Handle some of Australia’s favourite festivals, including Splendour and Laneway, of course. This is a company you defs want to try your darndest to insert yourself inside of. IDEA! They’re totally looking for a Sponsorship Intern…Y U NO apply? They are looking for someone who can commit 2 days per week for 6 months. Someone who can get involved in development of brand activities and production documents such as schedules, researching to keep abreast of music things, preparation of sponsorship proposals and some general office admin. Someone who can rock their fucking world. [Apply Here]

The Bottom End (MELB) is looking for a Venue General Manager. Any place described as a “hybrid venue: a multi level, ‘pub-disco-diner’ , the love child of a fair-dinkum pun and a hedonistic party palace with a pseudo-US diner and two weekly club nights ‘Poof Doof’ and ‘Survivor’ and one off events” is okay by us. If it’s okay by you and you are looking for the chance to get involved in Venue General Management then this is the chance you’ve been waiting for. I mean, this place is a pub/disco/diner! #ohmy [Apply Here]

Warner Music Australia (SYD) is looking for an energetic, creative and self-motivated Marketing Assistant who is eager to join their innovative and highly sought after marketing team. This is what people will say about you: “Oooooo working for the Warner Marketing Team, you fancy!” Things you will be smashing: fan base building, product set up, digital initiatives, sales and marketing tool development, content and conversation content. I don’t think we need to tell you how fab an opportunity this is to get your figurative tongue inside of Warner Music’s figurative mouth. [Apply Here]

Playground Weekender (SYD) needs Volunteers! So if you need great work experience and an awesome way to enjoy a music festival (read: free tickets) then why are you not already getting involved? You have the choice of either 2 x 6 hour shifts during the festival or 2 x 8 hours shifts after the festival. Probably don’t bother if you’re not willing to commit ABSOLUTELY to dressing up. They take fancy dress seriously in those parts. Get some butchers paper and some textas and start brainstorming costume ideas. Only then may you apply [Apply Here]