FBi Radio Announce Construction Plans For Sydney Live Music Venue

Community radio will always hold precious prime real estate in our hearts (neighbouring closely to Karlos and Jennifer Lawrence, obviously): stations like Sydney’s FBi electrify Australia’s music scene with a sense of community, a lack of pretension, and, tbh, downright bangers.

Excellent news from FBi has come in today with their announcement of expanding outta the airwaves and IRL – the station will be renovating their Redfern-based studios to make way for a new live music venue/”performance space” for Sydney. 

With debate high and always heated over Sydney’s infamous lockout laws of 2014, venues seem to have suffered a blow from the 1 a.m lockouts: just this month, beloved pub and venue The Flinders closed down, announcing on Facebook, “It’s been a good run but Barry got us in the end.”

FBi’s new venue has been dubbed “FBi Live” and will draw off their thriving music reputation in Sydney; the space will be specifically designed to host live shows and performances, according to the station. 

“Our listeners will be able to enjoy more exclusive content and will have the chance to get to know the station and the artists we feature, a little more intimately,” FBi’s music director Stephen Goodhew says. 

FBi tells us that the space will be ready “soon”, words which we are enthusiastically living by. More live music, more local and emerging artists are always situations we like to be all up in slash inside of. Fuck yeah, community radio!

With community radio being all about them local artists, and with the Australian Music Prize being nigh, let’s hope we see the likes of some of the below legends in the flesh at FBi Live soon. :’)

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