Have you ever wondered about the songs you want played at your funeral? Perhaps you have a strange affinity with a particularly sad song or just a nice one that sums up your life. That’s usually how it’s imagined. 

Or maybe you just wanna fucking party, especially when you’re dead. Welp, it turns out a few people do, and we all know the perfect party song is Darude‘s 2001 trance hit, ‘Sandstorm’
In an interview with Kotaku, the Finnish DJ was asked about the strangest places his most notable song has popped up and yep, some folks wanted it played at their funeral. 
“I don’t know if strange is the right word, but I know of a few people who have requested ‘Sandstorm’ being played at their funeral,” he said. “Just recently I was told about one older lady, who had said it was her fave pick-me-up song fighting a nasty illness, and they indeed played it at her funeral.”

That’s some red-hot gear for what is often the most sombre of occasions. I can only picture this happening one way – a, very sad very gloomy funeral but at the end, the priest says something about her being heaps dank whilst lighting a ciggy, then everyone is wearing speed dealers, but no one remembers putting them on. 
While the song was incredibly popular during its initial release, it later became an internet sensation that refuses to die.
If you wanna catch ‘Sandstorm’ live, you totally fucking can. He’s playing shows in Australia beginning August 2. You can suss more details on his website.
Source: Kotaku.
Photo: Darude.